YES (Youth Educational Scholarship) Opportunities, Inc. is a 501C3 entity established in October 2000 as a scholarship organization to provide educational assistance to college bound and "at-risk" youth. In October 2008, YES transformed into an endowment organization yet still serving its two priority populations of students. We support students primarily from the Eastern and Southern Mid-Atlantic US regions for studying the fields of Accounting, Business, Education, Health, Sociology, and Teacher Education.

Remarkably, without receiving grants or Federal funding, YES has served over 250 students in an approximate amount of $400,000 since its inception. Now operating more as an endowment organization, we seek to expand our receiving of resources so that we may expand our giving of them to students who qualify for the each endowment's criteria as seen in our Program Areas.

The 1st of our fully funded endowments is the Claude McDonald Endowment established at College of Central Florida (CFL) in Ocala, Florida. Claude McDonald served supremely as the Accountant of YES Opportunities from its inception to August 2005. The endowment at CFL established in his name is available to students seeking a degree in Accounting or Finance. For additional information on the full conditions concerning this scholarship endowment, please contact The College of Central Florida Foundation Office for Institutional Advancement at 352-873-5808. To see our additional endowments, please proceed onto our Program Areas.